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Geneva International Film Festival joins the FlexOffice family

4 mins readText by Emona RadiSeptember 22, 2020

What a happy day it is. It’s our pleasure to announce that the Geneva International Film Festival moved its headquarters to our location in Geneva. But that’s not all. With the move-in, FlexOffice just became an official partner of the internationally acclaimed festival.

This means that FlexOffice will be front and center during the upcoming edition of the festival, which will take place from 6-15 November in Geneva. Sounds exciting? We agree. Grab some popcorn, candy and your favorite drink – it’s going to be a magical fall.

Pushing boundaries

Since its inception in 1995, the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) has been all about innovation. The festival, which takes place for ten days every fall, understands itself as a laboratory, bringing together the worlds of film, TV and digital arts. Every year, it attracts over 40’000 international guests who enjoy a program that blurs the lines between genres and disciplines.

“We’re all about pushing boundaries and encouraging the exchange of creativity, skills and ideas,” says GIFF Director for Partnerships, Frédérique Poffet. “FlexOffice shares this vision – that’s why we know that it’s the perfect place for us to set up our headquarters.”

We’re all about pushing boundaries and encouraging the exchange of creativity, skills and ideas.

Flexibility sparks creativity

Offering private offices with access to shared lounges, meeting rooms and creative zones, at FlexOffice, tenants can permanently interact with a broad range of companies – from high-tech startups to multinationals. “Our diverse community is a strong pull for our tenants,” says Fanny Wosko, Location Manager at FlexOffice in Geneva, “because it clearly boosts their efficiency and creativity.” 

But the community is not the only reason why the GIFF decided to move into FlexOffice. The possibility to easily adapt office space according to emerging needs convinced the festival organizers that FlexOffice is the right way forward. “The closer we get to the festival, the bigger our team gets and the more space we need,” says Frédérique Poffet. “The unique offer at FlexOffice allows us to seamlessly grow with our team, without the usual hassle of looking for additional office space.”

For the culture

As it’s the case with most industries, the corona-crisis had a strong impact on the cultural scene worldwide. Artists, venues and institutions have struggled to survive. “At FlexOffice, art has always been important to us,” says Fanny Wosko. “Now, more than ever, we see it as our duty to support local culture. That’s why we’re particularly proud to partner with the GIFF this year.”

Instead of succumbing to it, the organizers of the GIFF embraced the challenging nature of the current moment and turned it into an opportunity. “This year, the GIFF will all be about transgression,” says Frédérique Poffet. “So far, 2020 has been a year full of uncertainty. With a festival that emphasizes powerful art and a great atmosphere, we want to counter that dynamic.”

Now, more than ever, we see it as our duty to support local culture.

And that seems to be exactly what we all need right now. We look forward to ten uplifting days filled with lively film screenings, unique art exhibits and special guests. And of course, great locations. Come and join us!

Updates about the 26th edition of the Geneva International Film Festival can be found here.

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