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FlexOffice feat. Swiss Premium Cosmetics

3 mins readText by Emona RadiApril 04, 2022

“It doesn’t feel like an office, it feels more like a studio atmosphere that constantly empowers us to create, connect and simply enjoy being at work. Having this gorgeous backdrop with the panoramic view of Basel gives me the biggest joy at work.” says Nina Streb, Marketing Manager at Swiss Premium Cosmetics.

We’ve chatted with Nina about her work and how her team surprised her with moving into FlexOffice at the iconic Messeturm.

About Swiss Premium Cosmetics

Swiss Premium Cosmetics is a start-up, founded in 2017 by Firass Chamas and Jeffrey Schmidt. The founder’s vision and mission are to develop and produce effective and clean skin care products for health and beauty.

Their tremendous success story, where they sold over 1 million bottles of their skin-friendly sanitizers during the height of the pandemic, marks just the beginning of what is coming up next.

About Nina

Nina joined the team few months ago as a Marketing Manager, where she is taking care of the brand development, and the rebranding of some products within the portfolio. She also overlooks the cohesive brand image on the website/-shop and social media.

“I love having the opportunity working with this incredible team around Firass and Jeffrey, and their vision and philosophy towards pure skin care products and flawless production values. Their fair values influence our team culture, defining the high level of empathy for each other.”

Photo by Ann-Cristine Rageth

How the team surprised her with their move-in to FlexOffice Messeturm.

Their former office was nestled in the picturesque city Liestal – a historic small town 15km outside the city of Basel.

One day, Firass and Jeffrey stumbled online across FlexOffice’s newest location at Messeturm, an iconic landmark in Basel. They joked with Nina about how spectacular it would be to work on the top floors of the tower.

Days later they came into the Liestal office and joyfully tossed Nina a brochure of FlexOffice Messeturm across her desk, telling her that they going to move into the tower soon – into the 22nd floor.

“I couldn’t believe it, how our daily jokes suddenly became reality. I was so stoked and happy.”

About the perks of the location.

Nina loves the fact that they are now located in the city of Basel in proximity to art, architecture, and urbanity. Literally everything that inspires her to experiment with creativity and to dare to self-realize herself.

“The amenities at FlexOffice, for instance the kitchen, are top notch. Also, being surrounded by a success-driven and diverse business community inspires us.”

If you like to find out more about Swiss Premium Cosmetics visit their website.

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